Business Valuation Specialists

A True Assessment Of
Your Business Value

Our certified valuations will help you or your team understand the value of your business, they key market drivers, marketability and financing options for your sale.

One of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make is only considering the financial aspects of a business when determining value when, in reality, there are so many more variables.

Exodus Business Valuations Group results will be delivered to you and your advisement team along with hard copies of our analysis for you to keep and reference in the future.

You can leverage our analysis in the following ways: marketing the business for sale, securing interim financing facilities, scaling your business for maximum value, tax maximization strategies and so much more!

Our Certified Valuations Include


eb valuations certified valuation services

Questions Our Services Can Answer

Our Valuations Can Help You Learn More
About How Your Business Is Seen In The Market

What Your Business Is Worth

Our valuations show you different methods and breakdowns used to establish your fair market value.

How Buyers See Your Business

Different business types attract different buyer types, we show you each one and more.

Comparable Business Metrics

Learn what similar businesses sell for and comparable metrics to your business industry.

Options For The Future

Acquisitions are structured in different ways, we show you what structures are available.

Steps To Get Your Business Sold

Our Certified Valuation Process

eb valuations business experience

01Discovery & Documentation

We work directly with you and your team to gather all of the documents we need to get started.

eb valuations analysis and preparation

02Research & Analysis

Our team dives into our databases and resources to find comparable metrics for your business and analyze your data in the process.

eb valuations drafting and completion

03Drafting & Completion

After we have all of the documentation and research completed, our team drafts your business valuation and prepares the documents you need to go to market.

Are You Ready To Learn What Your Business Is Worth?

Our highly experienced team of professional valuators is ready to help you learn more about what your business is worth, how it is seen in the market and the next steps you can take towards your acquisition journey.