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Why Exodus Business Valuations Group

Business valuation is a mix of art and science. The bottom line is, of course, that a business is worth what a buyer will pay for it. However, there are ways of estimating a fair price. There are variations of these and there are other methods that apply to specific situations. It is not uncommon to value a business by a number of different methods and use an average (or more likely a weighted average that gives more weight to some methods than to others) of the various methods used.

Selling A Business

Wanting to sell your business? Getting a professional valuation helps you understand what you can bring to the market.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are a seller or buyer, a professional valuation can set the stage for what happens next.

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Certified Valuators

Our valuators are all certified and experienced to valuate businesses using widely accepted methods and formulas.

Decades of Experience

Our firm was founded in 1998 and specializes in valuations for companies looking to go to market.

What Is A Business Valuation?

A business valuation is an independent and unbiased process of determining a supportable opinion of the transferable value of a business or company as of a specified date. The field of business valuation encompasses a wide array of tools and methods with variations between valuators, businesses and industries.

Business valuations are used for purposes as basic as establishing benchmark expectations for potential business marketability in compliance with NACVA’s reporting standards. Our valuations provide clients with a basis for realistically assessing what the business is likely to sell for and whether it makes sense to undertake the process at all. 

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Why Do You Need
A Valuation?

You have worked hard to build this asset, and you should know the value of your hard work when you are wanting to sell your business. We also use the valuation as a basis to prepare the documents that potential buyers want to see when you are going to market. Without proper preparation, you may not attract the right types of buyers. Here are some other reasons you may need a business valuation:

  1. Understand How Your Business Is Viewed In The Marketplace
  2. Understand Future Growth Potential
  3. See How You Compare To Similar Businesses
  4. Plan For Your Retirement
  5. Develop A Plan To Sell Your Business
  6. Estate Planning and Tax Planning
  7. Strategize For Future Acquisitions

How Your Business Valuation Sets The Stage

While buyers buy businesses because they believe in the future of the business, they tend to value businesses from the proven historical ability of the business to generate cash flow, earnings, and amass assets. Our process allows us to reflect the true income of the business for a buyer and enables your business to sell for a higher value. 

Our valuations are comprehensive; providing the financial analysis appropriate to assess what buyers are likely to pay for the business in the current market. Armed with our valuation, buyers are much more likely to procure financing to pay the vast majority of the purchase price in cash. We know that competition among qualified buyers achieves the highest price available for your business. Everything we do is designed to create that competitive environment.

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What Defines A Business' Value

The value of a typical business should be greater than the total values of its hard assets. For a buyer, the key is that an ongoing business has everything necessary — equipment, location, and inventory if applicable, not to mention experienced employees, suppliers, business processes, and a customer list — all in place, in the right amounts for successful operation of the business.

But how do you put a price on this intangible asset, which is frequently referred to as goodwill or going-concern value? Moreover, how do you determine the true market value of the hard assets used in your business? The answer is that you enlist the help of experts like Exodus Business Valuations Group, Inc. 

As a group of specialized and experienced professionals, Exodus Business Valuations Group, Inc has established a number of ways to quantify the value of key aspects of your business, and roll them up into an overall figure. As part of the process we will write up a valuation report, which explains in detail how we arrived at the final value. Having a valuation document prepared by an outside expert adds a great deal of credibility to your asking price, because the buyer will be able to see exactly how you arrived at your final figure.

Our Certified Valuations Meet The Needs
Of Businesses Like Yours

Our mission is to provide professional, quality business valuations that are useful in a multitude of purposes. From selling a business to planning for retirement, we have a valuation plan that can suit your needs.

  • Selling A Business
  • M&A / Broker
  • Certified Valuation
  • Market Comparisons
  • 3-5 Valuation Methods
  • Go To Market Documents
  • Suggested Market Pricing
  • Tax And Estate
  • Planning
  • Certified Valuation
  • Opinion Of Values
  • Value Of Goodwill
  • Suggested Asset Value
  • 3-5 Valuation Methods
  • 100% Confidential
  • All Documentation Secured
  • All Communication Secured
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Only Shared With You
  • No Paperwork


Start Your Business Valuation Process

Whether you are looking buy or sell a business, plan for retirement or the future, our process is straightforward and streamlined to get you the documents you need for the purpose you need them for.


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